Dharsha & Thomas’ Hillstone Wedding

As seen on Polkadot Weddings.

Like most couples in 2020, Dharsha and Thomas had to change up their weddings plans just a tiny bit. At Dharsha’s family home, they hosted an intimate Hindu wedding ceremony, full of customs and traditions. Friends and family passed around plates of fruit and flowers. A priest splashed ghee over a small fire in the middle of the room as he recited prayers for the couple. And Dharsha and Thomas played a little game together to see who’d be wearing the pants in the relationship!

We moved on to UQ to take some quick photos together amongst the blossoming jacaranda trees, then moved over to Hillstone St Lucia, for a short-but-sweet legal ceremony before a beautifully styled wedding reception inside Hillstone’s Grand View Room. And the night ended the only way it could: with Dharsha and Thomas performing a Bollywood style first dance.