i'm eric

Asian wedding group with surprised groom
Portrait of Brisbane wedding photographer Eric Wang with brown shirt standing in bamboo forest

After studying photography at Griffith Uni, I bounced around different part-time jobs for a few years. I worked as a salesperson at a retail store, as a communications assistant at a non-profit, and even at a small startup that sold chicken coops. But all the while I had photography as a side-hustle, shooting 21st birthday parties, headshots for work profiles, and the occasional wedding for a friend. Slowly, I began shooting more weddings. For friends of friends. Eventually, it got to a point that every time I was working, I'd be thinking about working on my photography business, and all the things I needed to do once I got home. So in February 2018, I took the plunge and went full-time with my photography business, and it's the best job I've ever had.

How I started

Every wedding is different and fresh, so every wedding brings on new experiences. Even if I'm shooting at a venue I've been to before, the couple is different, the guests are different, and even the lighting is different. So I get to create new photos with new people, tell different stories visually, and eat different cakes. I'm also an extrovert, so I love the energy of weddings and meeting new people.

I guess you could also say my competitive nature keeps me going. I'm never completely satisfied with the way I photograph a wedding, so the drive to be perfect is a constant motivation. If you're a psychologist, feel free to analyse this and tell me if it's healthy or not.



Country travelled to:

NBA team:

Japan or New Zealand.

San Antonio Spurs.

Dog breed:


German Shepherd.

Momo Chicken & Beer.


Bubble tea order:

Cheese mango from Heeretea.


TV Show:

Mario Kart, Minecraft, or Dota.