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Asian wedding group with surprised groom
Portrait of Brisbane wedding photographer Eric Wang with brown shirt standing in bamboo forest

I'll be honest, I used to start this page with the story down below about how I started in wedding photography and why I love it. But that was boring. Every photographer's website has the same story of "I picked up my dad's camera at 7" and it doesn't tell you anything about who that photographer is as a person. And knowing your photographer and getting along with them is pretty important, since they'll be spending a bit of time with you at your wedding.

Anyway, I've been married to April since 2019, and we spend a lot of time together eating, gymming, and playing games. We've recently gotten into a bit of rock climbing, but I'm pretty horrible at it so I'd rather stick to basketball. I'm the head chef of the household - love me a bit of slow cooked ragu or a roasted lamb shoulder - but I'm not the greatest baker, which is pretty shameful to my parents (they used to own a bakery).

I guess I shouldn't write too much here without it becoming an essay, and nobody wants to read that. I'll just leave you with a picture of me posing with a friend's baby at a photobooth.

After studying photography at Griffith Uni, I bounced around different part-time jobs for a few years. I worked as a salesperson at a retail store, as a communications assistant at a non-profit, and even at a small startup that sold chicken coops. But all the while I had photography as a side-hustle, shooting 21st birthday parties, headshots for work profiles, and the occasional wedding for a friend. Slowly, I began shooting more weddings. For friends of friends. Eventually, it got to a point that every time I was working, I'd be thinking about working on my photography business, and all the things I needed to do once I got home. So in February 2018, I took the plunge and went full-time with my photography business, and it's the best job I've ever had.

How I started

Every wedding is different and fresh, so every wedding brings on new experiences. Even if I'm shooting at a venue I've been to before, the couple is different, the guests are different, and even the lighting is different. So I get to create new photos with new people, tell different stories visually, and eat different cakes. I'm also an extrovert, so I love the energy of weddings and meeting new people.

I guess you could also say my competitive nature keeps me going. I'm never completely satisfied with the way I photograph a wedding, so the drive to be perfect is a constant motivation. If you're a psychologist, feel free to analyse this and tell me if it's healthy or not.



Country travelled to:

NBA team:

Japan or New Zealand.

San Antonio Spurs.

Dog breed:


Momo Chicken & Beer.

German Shepherd.


Bubble tea order:

Cheese mango from Heeretea.

TV Show:



Mario Kart, Minecraft, or Dota.