Hey, I’m Eric.

I’ve always been a bit of a rebel for most of my life. In primary school, my desk got moved next to the teachers’ because I talked too much, and then it got moved back because I’d talk too much to the teacher. I’d stay up all night playing video games in high school instead of studying (and luckily still got decent grades). Naturally my dad wanted me to become a doctor or an engineer, so naturally I went and studied photography at university.

In 2012, I shot my first wedding. I’d actually never attended a wedding before that one, and I had no idea what I was doing. Then I shot more and more weddings. I got better and developed my own style. I met heaps of cool people, and I made some awesome pictures of their memories. As corny as it sounds, I started growing a passion for wedding photography.

Apart from being a photographer and what you’ve already read on the front page (you did read it, right?) I’m a massive fan of playing and watching basketball. If I’m not editing photos, I’m probably on a court somewhere bricking threes and getting my hook shot blocked. I’ll eat pretty much anything, and I always order too much at restaurants (which is bad for my wallet and my waist). Other than that, I love dogs more than people sometimes, I’m a fan of indie/alternative/rock music, and I never comb my hair (as you can probably tell by my photo).