Brisbane Vietnamese Wedding – Giang & Lien

As seen on Rangefinder Online.

Giang and Lien’s wedding in Brisbane was one of the biggest Vietnamese weddings I’ve ever been to. Scratch that, it was one of the biggest weddings I’ve been to. The day started in the morning at 8am with a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony. If you don’t know, everybody on the groom’s side arrives at the bride’s house dressed up and bearing gifts. The giftbearers – normally the groomsmen and a few others close to the groom – then exchange the offerings with the bridesmaids, before the groom is able to enter the home and meet his bride.

Then the actual tea ceremony begins, and it’s much like most tea ceremonies in other Asian cultures. The bride and groom serve tea to their family members as a sign of respect, going from the eldest and most important family members down to the young kids. It’s beautiful, meaningful, and always a lot of chaos.

After the ceremony finished, Lien and Giang then prepared for their traditional wedding ceremony at St Brigid’s Church in Red Hill. The building is absolutely stunning and impressively built, with tall brick walls and colourful light gleaming in. Their ceremony was conducted as a Catholic wedding, and their priest recited his message in both Vietnamese and English – so it did go for a little while. But regardless, after their ceremony was finished we headed on over to the Brisbane Botanic Gardens in the city for some less-than-traditional and fun photos.

If you’ve been to an Asian wedding, chances are you know that Landmark is one of the go-to spots for a reception – but Lien and Giang filled up the Brisbane Convention Centre with their 300 plus guests, and we all feasted on a traditional Asian banquet for dinner. And let’s be honest, the Convention Centre looks way better than Landmark. 

It was a gigantic wedding and a long day, but Lien and Giang set the bar high for Brisbane Vietnamese weddings.

Wedding Venue: St Brigid’s Church, Red Hill
Reception Venue: Brisbane Convention Centre
Reception Decoration: Blossom Tree Co.
Videographer: Butterscotch Studio
Makeup Artist: Sarah Thong Makeup