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Videographer: Weddings by Butterscotch | Flowers: Kate Dawes | Wedding Dress: Galia Lahav | Wedding Styling: Foreva Events

Ceremony venue: Macedonian Orthodox Church | Reception Venue: Hillstone

Drums, shots, music, dancing, crowns. More drums, more music, more dancing. Vaska and Jackson's traditional Macedonian wedding was a non-stop, all-day party - and when I say all-day, the dancing started at 10am and went well past midnight.

If you think that's tiring, you'd be right. But Vaska and Jackson went the entire day radiating joy and love, without a moment of rest or complaint. I don't know how they did it, but their optimism and overflowing happiness is part of the reason why their wedding is one my favourites. That, and it was a super fun wedding.

And if you're wondering, I'm not fully sure what the tradition is behind slapping money onto musician's heads, but I like it.