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If you love the idea of an exposed brick space with high ceilings and polished concrete, The Lussh is definitely one of Brisbane's wedding venues you should check out. Located conveniently next to The Gabba, and relatively new, The Lussh is undoubtedly one of Brisbane's best wedding venues that's gaining in popularity.

It's not just a warehouse-y space though - The Lussh features an outdoor garden for wedding ceremonies, with a natural rock wall covered in leaves and vines, topped with lush green palm trees. It's shady enough for afternoon weddings, and it's a beautiful space that's one-of-a-kind in Brisbane - unless you want to get married in Kangaroo Point in public.

The team at the Lussh are also super helpful in planning your wedding, with your own personal coordinator, separate bar staff, and they provide all the furniture for you to seat up to 170 guests or 350 guests for cocktail style (which is huge!). You don't need to worry about food either, with four catering partners for you to choose from. Speaking of bars and cocktails, there's a huge range of drinks and spirits available - which is a huge plus!

With lots of parking nearby, a unique space in a heritage listed building, and a dedicated team to help organise and bring your wedding ideas to life, it's no wonder that The Lussh is one of Brisbane's best wedding venues.


I first met Ruby and Alex at their favourite bar, Brisbane Brewing Co, where they had their first date, and many more dates. I was running a little bit late because of traffic, and showed up maybe 3 or 5 minutes after we had arranged. Alex told me afterwards that Ruby was a stickler for being on-time, and being late was probably her biggest pet peeve. Sorry Ruby! But later on, they told me that Alex was around 20 minutes late for their first date, so I didn't feel that bad.

Cut to their wedding day, and it's a humid, muggy January day in Brisbane. Luckily, there was shade and a bit of a breeze in the Lussh's garden, and there was air conditioning inside. Friends and family enjoyed a heartfelt ceremony, and then they really enjoyed the gelato cart afterwards.

Ruby and Alex didn't want to stray too far from the wedding, so we opted to just walk around the surrounding streets for some photos. There's a fancy little laneway right next to The Lussh with some great photo spots, or you can go for some contrasty street photography if you're up for it.

The reception breezed by - we heard speeches, we had dinner, they shared their donut cake (Alex was too keen and accidentally bit Ruby's finger.) Ruby and Alex chose Moo Moo as their caterer - I heard the risotto and beef was delicious, but I didn't get to try any! And after their first dance, I realised it was only 8pm. The rest of the night was pretty chill, we danced and drank (cocktails), and after everything wrapped up, I met Alex and Ruby back at their watering hole for a final beer and few more photos before I said goodnight.