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Wedding Venue: Summergrove Estate
Videography: Weddings by Butterscotch
Celebrant: Leanne Booker
Hair and Make-up Artists: Amy Spry, Natalie Lucas
Music: Danny Dyson
Stylist: Ivy & Bleu
Wedding Cake: Two Little Bakers

Steph and Nick hosted a beautiful winter wedding at Summergrove Estate - one of the best and nicest wedding venues in the Gold Coast hinterland. The venue boasts acres of land and unmatched views (you can see the ocean!), as well as a variety of ceremony locations and accommodation options. Summergrove Estate is an all-in-one wedding venue that's equally convenient and aesthetic.

It was a perfect day with clear blue skies for Steph and Nick, but they opted to have their ceremony inside the cute and cosy chapel onsite. Their celebrant was an old family friend, which added a nice personal and meaningful touch to their ceremony. After they made it official, Steph and Nick walked out as husband and wife to one of the best confetti toss processionals I've seen at a wedding - and I see one at pretty much every wedding nowadays!

Tip: If your venue allows it, always choose confetti over flower petals. They're smaller and lighter so they float through the air for longer and spread more than petals do.

Before the reception, we quickly went around Summergrove for a few photos as the sun set, and were treated to an amazing pastel-coloured twilight sky. Steph and Nick then enjoyed a dinner with their friends and family, shared a first dance outside in the freezing winter night - before they realised inside was much warmer - and then partied hard for the rest of the night.