Elopement venue: Spicers Peak Lodge

Celebrant: Married By Jake

Videography: White Lace Films

Hair & Makeup: Emilia Maria

Spicers Peak Lodge is a perfect location for an elopement, or for a small and intimate wedding. They can host up to 60 guests, and accommodate up to 26 guests, so it'll definitely be better for more intimate weddings. The grounds, gardens and surrounds are all pretty well maintained, and the panoramic views you get of the mountain ranges and valleys are second-to-none. Charene and Jerome opted for a small elopement up at Spicers of just them two, and they picked the Northern Lookout as a location to exchange rings and vows.

Elopements are super special. It's just you and your partner together alone, with no obligations, nothing to worry about, nowhere to be - just two lovers focused on getting married together. Elopements aren't for everyone though, since you don't get to party with your friends and family like you would at a wedding. I mean, you can still invite a small bunch of people if you wanted to, but technically that would be a small wedding and not an elopement. Point is, there's pros and cons to elopements and weddings, and you just have to decide on what's best for you and your partner.

And if you weren't after the hassle of organising a big party, or the stress of the logistics behind seating plans and figuring out when and where you needed to travel, an elopement at Spicers Peak Lodge might just be perfect for you. An added bonus - the money you'd save on hosting a large group would go all into splurging for your honeymoon!

Charene and Jerome flew in from far North Queensland and booked in a few nights for their elopement at the luxurious Spicers Peak Lodge. The road there was long, windy, and bumpy, but after reaching the top and seeing how good the views were, I decided it was totally worth it. After taking in the sights and breathing the fresh air, I met up with Charene and Jerome in their room whilst they got ready for their elopement, but it was noticably more chill than your usual wedding.

Jake arrived soon after and we all made our way to the Northern Lookout for the perfect elopement - not before getting a photoshoot with the helicopters (not ours). We also couldn't help but play around on the giant swing up at the lookout, which seems pretty scary at first but isn't all that bad. We picked a nice and shady spot for the ceremony, then Charene and Jerome shared their emotional vows together in front of one of the best backgrounds I've ever seen at a wedding. They laughed, they cried, and they held hands tightly in anticipation - and then we were finished!

That's the beauty of an elopement - we had nowhere we needed to rush off to - we just took our time, walked around Spicers Peak Lodge and enjoyed what the light and scenery had to give us. I didn't feel rushed or pressured getting the photos done, but it also helped that Charene and Jerome both felt comfortable enough to be themselves. We managed to sneak in a little bit of photography at golden hour, and then there was nothing else to do but say our goodbyes, drive off into the sunset, and Charene and Jerome spend the rest of the night off.

Spicers Peak Lodge