Sidney & Lydia

I don’t really remember how I met Sidney – it was probably either through gym, basketball or video games. I also don’t remember when I first met Lydia – but I do remember she thought I was pretty annoying. Over the years, and hundreds of ball games, lost Dota matches, and bowls of ramen later, I got the honour of being on Sidney and Lydia’s bridal party for their wedding. I didn’t get to take photos, but it was a good trade.

So when Lyds asked if I wanted to take a few photos for them as a re-wedding shoot, I was super keen. These two have style, and are pretty used to taking photos together (they could seriously quit their day jobs and be professional models). We road-tripped down to Kingscliff, and then to Byron Bay, the exact spot where Sidney proposed to Lydia. The location was great, the light was amazing, and the couple is perfect.

Lydia doesn’t find me annoying anymore, but now her cat hates me.