Parina & Dan

When I think about it, Dan was one of the people who convinced me to go into full-time photography. Saying that he’s never afraid to speak his mind would be an understatement, and Dan telling me more or less to “just do it” probably did its part in me being where I am today. Thanks Dan!

On the other side, there’s Parina. Always sweet, kind and caring, like a mother to everyone, and probably the only person who could put up with Dan for a lifetime!

We started the photoshoot at the Gallery of Modern Art amongst all the colourful, abstract artwork. Surprisingly enough, we didn’t get kicked out – so I’m totally down to head back there with any other couples that might want to try something different! Then after closing time, we drove up to the Kangaroo Point cliffs to catch the brilliant golden sunset, before eating ourselves to a Korean BBQ food coma.

Oh, and I’m really really really looking forward to their wedding in July! Keep your eyes out!