Alex & Mitch’s Kooroomba Wedding

Kooroomba Vineyards and Lavender Farm is one of South East Queensland’s best wedding venues, just one and a half hours’ drive away from Brisbane. It’s got a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind chapel, and it’s located in a picturesque spot overlooking the beautiful mountain ranges. And when the sun sets over the mountains, the entire valley is bathed in a warm, golden light.

Alex and Mitch were a chill, down-to-earth couple, not too fussed about small details and just wanting to have a good time. I remember during the ceremony, Alex’s veil was flowing in the wind but pulling her head back. Most brides would have just lived with it, but Alex opted to just take it off.

But there were also touches of extravagance. Alex’s family had secretly arranged for her to arrive at the ceremony in style: a personal helicopter ride. And after a low-key, intimate reception, there was another surprise planned in the form of a fireworks display! 

At the end of the day though, Alex and Mitch’s wedding was beautiful – not because of the perfect venue, nor because of the helicopter ride or the fireworks. But it was a celebration of family, of resilience, and of love.

Kooroomba Wedding Photography: Eric Wang Photography
Wedding Venue: Kooroomba Chapel
Hair and Makeup Artist: Bella Brides
Florist: Country Blooms
Dress: Pronovias
Helicopter Flight: Pterodactyl Helicopters
Fireworks: All Fired Up

Purple flowers in a wedding bouquet placed on a wooden floor
Bride in a dressing gown clinks wine with a friend
A small helicopter flies through the sky above gum trees
Bride and flower girl looking at each other and laughing
Small helicopter landed on grassy field in front of trees
Small wooden chapel in a lavender farm under a blue sky with mountains in the background
Small helicopter flying amongst clouds on a mountainous landscape
Bride walking down the aisle with her father in a wooden chapel at Kooroomba
Bride and groom having their wedding ceremony in a wooden chapel at Kooroomba Lavender Farm
Wedding ceremony at Kooroomba Lavender Farm Chapel
Landscape of mountain regions with blurred bride and groom in foreground
During a wedding ceremony at a wooden-framed chapel with the chapel detail reflected at the bottom of the photo
Young toddler in a suit looking over his chair during a wedding ceremony
A wedding ceremony inside Kooroomba Lavender Farm's wedding chapel
A bride making her vows with half her face enveloped in shadow and her eye in sunlight
Young boy in suit walks around during a wedding ceremony
Bride places ring on groom's finger as they both smile towards each other
Bride and groom sharing first kiss in Kooroomba Lavender Farm chapel
Bride and groom walking out of their wedding ceremony with groom fist pumping
Groom swinging a bell rope at the end of the wedding cermeony
A bride and groom standing in a lavender farm as groom sprays champagne everywhere
Bride holding her bouquet in a lavender farm drinking a glass of champage
Bridal party standing amongst lavender plants at Kooroomba during sunset
Bridal party smiling and standing together for a photo at with afternoon sun behind them
Bride and groom walking through lavender bushes together at Kooroomba
Bride and groom walking along grass with a lavender farm and mountains in the background
A bride and groom holding each other and kissing in front of a lavender farm
Silhouette of a man and woman holding hands in front of the afternoon sky
A bride and groom holding each other and kissing in front of a lavender farm
Red clouds float in a blue and orange sunset with a small silhouette of two people on a hill
Kooroomba Lavender Farm and Vineyard at sunset
Bride laughing and clapping with tears in her eyes
A groom and bride hug together as they watch green fireworks in the background
A bride watches a colourful fireworks display at Kooroomba as a groom holds and faces her
A wedding group hugs each other in front of a fireworks display
A small fireworks display with some people watching
Two elderly ladies embrace as fireworks go off behind them
A small fireworks display at night with a bride looking on and laughing
Kooroomba Chapel is lit up against the dark night sky and surrounding fields.