Shireen and Tim's wedding was an epic two-parter: a traditional Chinese tea ceremony in the morning, followed by a beautiful outdoor wedding at Glengariff Historic Estate.

It had been a long wait for Shireen and Tim. We sat together a few weeks before their original wedding date in March 2020, discussing the possibility of having to postpone their wedding.

20 months later, they finally did it.

Shireen and Tim started the day bright and early, opting for a traditional tea ceremony at both their parent's houses. And of course, some door games organised by the bridesmaids to challenge the boys. It was a packed and hectic morning, but we got a bit of a break before we headed up north to Glengariff Historic Estate.

Bad news was, there was a massive storm close by. And while we weren't sure if it would reach us, we definitely heard the deep rumbles of thunder. Thankfully, the rains never came, and Shireen and Tim got to enjoy a personal and emotional wedding ceremony.

Shireen's best friend couldn't make the wedding, but she left her mark by organising a few Iranian belly-dancers to come perform during the reception. And to top it all off, we were treated to an amazing fireworks show whilst Shireen and Tim pulled off their first dance.