Gabbinbar Homestead Wedding – Lauren & Mark

Outdoor wedding ceremony at Gabbinbar Homestead

If you’re planning a wedding in Toowoomba, or you’re a Brisbane couple after a more country vibe to your wedding, there’s nothing like having a Gabbinbar Homestead wedding. It’s an absolutely stunning and stylish venue, with everything conveniently on-site and the friendliest staff who are there to help with anything. There’s also a million spots for beautiful wedding photos at Gabbinbar Homestead, which makes it so much easier for your wedding photographer to get effortlessly good photos.

Also: if you’re from Brisbane and you’re hosting a wedding somewhere such as Toowoomba, it’s a great reason for guests to book in local accommodation instead of driving home, which makes it more convenient for them to stay late and party into the night!

I first met Lauren and Mark from an engagement competition I ran and we instantly connected. Mark is an avid outdoor adventurer and frequently goes on solo hikes, so it was only fitting that we went to Cedar Creek on the northside for a swim and a shoot. Lauren’s a crazy and quirky gal, which balances out Mark’s more stoic nature.

There were so many personal touches on the wedding day, which really helped make it special. Lauren’s aunt designed and made her wedding dress specifically for Lauren, which made her look like a real-life princess. Since she also trained as a florist, Lauren put together every single floral arrangement herself, including her own bouquet! And Lauren and Mark both like different cake flavours, so Lauren baked two cakes for the reception. Not to mention the purple colour scheme that was littered throughout the wedding styling.

Their wedding ceremony was held in one of Gabbinbar’s many outdoor wedding spots in the garden, underneath a giant oak tree. The space was perfectly positioned so the warm sunlight shone through the leaves and made Lauren and Mark both look angelic. After a perfect wedding ceremony, we strolled through the grounds of Gabbinbar Homestead for some wedding photo magic.

We ended the night inside the halls of the main building of Gabbinbar for the reception. They cut the cakes, Lauren got changed into something more comfortable, and we all filled the ballroom to watch their first dance. And then the highlight of any wedding at Gabbinbar Homestead: the dessert spread came out. Seriously, it’s worth booking a Gabbinbar Homestead wedding for the dessert alone. You’ll thank me later.

It was an amazing day, a perfect wedding, and the best bunch of people to hang out with and shoot.

Gabbinbar Homestead Wedding Photography: Eric Wang Photography
Wedding Venue: Gabbinbar Homestead
Hair Stylist: Sarah Courtney Hair Artist
Makeup: Makeup by Kimaea
Florist: Plumberry Blooms