Lauren & Mark’s Gabbinbar Homestead Wedding

If you’re planning a wedding in Toowoomba, or you’re a Brisbane couple after a more country vibe to your wedding, there’s nothing like having a Gabbinbar Homestead wedding. It’s an absolutely stunning and stylish venue, with everything conveniently on-site. There’s a million spots for beautiful wedding photos at Gabbinbar Homestead, which makes it so much easier to plan your wedding.

I first met Lauren and Mark from an engagement competition I ran and we instantly connected. Mark is an avid outdoor adventurer, so they took me to Cedar Creek for a swim and a shoot. Lauren was crazy and quirky, which balanced out Mark’s stoic, more quiet nature.

As for the wedding day, there were so many personal touches. Lauren’s aunt designed and made the wedding dress herself. Lauren put together all the floral arrangements, including her own bouquet. And Lauren and Mark both like different cake flavours, so she baked two cakes!

The ceremony was held in one of Gabbinbar’s outdoor wedding spots in the garden, underneath a giant oak tree. The warm sunlight shone through the leaves and made Lauren look angelic. After a perfect wedding ceremony, we strolled through Gabbinbar’s many ideal photography spots for some wedding photo magic.

It was an amazing day, a perfect wedding, and the best bunch of people to hang out with and shoot.

Gabbinbar Homestead Wedding Photography: Eric Wang Photography
Wedding Venue: Gabbinbar Homestead
Hair Stylist: Sarah Courtney Hair Artist
Makeup: Makeup by Kimaea
Florist: Plumberry Blooms

A bouquet of flowers lies on a wooden floor
A woman in a robe and a wedding veil inspects a dining hall
Two women poke their tongues out at each other playfully
Four men and one woman all wearing suits sit on leather chairs in a library
A bride wearing a large white wedding dress stands in a large windowsill
A bride and her bridesmaids sit together on a chair and drink champagne
A silhouette of a woman wearing a wedding dress in a window
A man and a woman walk down an aisle surrounded by people outdoors
An outdoor wedding ceremony held underneath a large tree in a garden
A groom wearing a grey suit laughs during the wedding ceremony
A bride and groom say their vows during their wedding
A bride and groom kiss during their outdoor wedding ceremony held underneath a large tree in a garden
An outdoor wedding recessional
Father of the bride hugs his daughter
A bride stands next to a bright window in a wooden shed
A bride and groom hold hands and laugh together
Groom holds his bride by the waist and lifts her in the air
Bride and groom dramatically look off into the distance