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If you're looking for a venue with nice outdoor views, surrounded by trees and water, but you don't want to drive over an hour out of Brisbane, then you might want to consider a Cherbon Waters wedding. The main wedding area is surrounded by trees and water, being right next to Tingalpa reservoir. There's a quaint gazebo for wedding ceremonies, a large lawn space for guests to hang out afterwards, and an enclosed marquee for your wedding reception.

Suvinee and Suresh's wedding was a traditional Sri-Lankan Poruwa ceremony filled with customs and rituals. The wedding starts with dancers and drummers making their way down the aisle, introducing the groom and his family first, and then the bride and her family afterwards. Once everyone is set, the bride and groom have to make their way up onto the Poruwa at a certain time, deemed auspicious by one of the elders. Then, multiple pairs of betel leaves are handed to the couple, who place them down onto the Poruwa. After this, the couple have their pinkie fingers tied together and water is poured over the hands, followed up with prayers and chants done by a group of females. Finally, the bride and groom take turns feeding each other a chunk of milk rice, and the traditional part of the ceremony is finished. Suvinee and Suresh then shared their vows, exchanged rings, and were formally married!

We were then treated to some gorgeous afternoon lighting for some photos, and before we finished up we took a few ponies for a bit of a walk around the grounds - taking advantage of Cherbon Waters being an equestrian centre! Suvinee and Suresh then had their wedding reception in the marquee, with some of the best Indian food I've ever had for dinner (and saying that, some of the best wedding food I've had). I've been told that the wedding was catered by Top in Town Indian, so if you're around Mt Gravatt, you should definitely check them out.

Suvinee and Suresh were full of love, energy, and excitement. You'll see from the photos, but their smiles were beaming all day, and they were overflowing with happiness. Just take a look at those black and white dance photos, and you'll see genuine happiness from these two - and two people genuinely in love.

A couple celebrate after their wedding at Cherbon Waters
Wedding photography at Cherbon Waters, Brisbane