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What made you choose Brockhurst Farm as your wedding venue?

Some people experience a deep and unexplainable love at first sight. For the rest of us, new love is a feeling of optimism, good intentions, and a feeling that you are ‘onto a good thing’. Just like a relationship that starts small and requires energy to make it your own and grow it into something bigger, we both had similar feelings about our wedding venue. We wanted a space that reflected our easy-going personalities, was connected to nature, and provided a canvas for creating a wholesome and engaging experience for our guests. Ideally, we wanted a place where the majority of our guests could stay overnight nearby, expanding a wedding into a fun weekend getaway. Brockhurst Farm was a perfect venue for all the above, plus the ability to make the space our own; hiring in additional furniture, food truck, live musician, and other personalised touches to make our wedding unique to us.

Do you have a favourite memory of your wedding day?

Standing in front of a crowd of people and being the centre of attention usually makes most people to panic a little and causes their audience and surroundings to blur in this moment of public spotlight. Surprisingly, out of all possible days, this didn’t happen as much as we expected on our own wedding day. During both the ceremony and reception speeches, we shared moments of looking amongst our audience and seeing friends and family that have supported us both in so many different ways. We both savour those moments as a reminder of how precious the gift of friendships and relationships are, and how much influence they have cumulatively on who we become.

What advice would you give to future couples?

There are infinite choices when it comes to your wedding day. Many of those choices relate to creating an experience that you and your guests will enjoy. Take some time before planning the details to think about who is coming, who is the special day for, and what will make it feel comfortable and genuine. Nobody wants to be stressed and out of character on their wedding day! Take the time to appreciate those who have supported you and are there to celebrate with you. Savour the moment as your wedding day will quickly pass, make sure Eric is there to solidify those golden memories into incredible photographs, and remember to love each other every single day because that’s what it’s all about!