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If you've researched wedding venues in the Gold Coast Hinterland, you already know that there's a fair few choices for you. Austinvilla Estate is a great pick to host a wedding, with a few points that make it more convenient than the other spots.

Over 100 acres of land, Austinvilla Estate has decent views and plenty of different spots for photos. Their main Pavilion, where you'll probably be having your wedding ceremony, is large, open-aired, and shaded, so you and your guests won't be sunburnt. And the deck next to the Pavilion is perfect for post-wedding ceremony drinks and ice cream!

What separates Austinvilla Estate for weddings in the Gold Coast Hinterland though, is the huge amount of accommodation available on-site. While most wedding venues in the area can only host a few guests, or leave you having to find somewhere to stay nearby, Austinvilla Estate has 90 beds spread across several cabins and rooms - a huge plus if you have guests coming from overseas or interstate.

The reception area has a nice wooden barn feel to it, with space for up to 130 guests and a separate dance floor, which is always nice. There's also another outdoor deck for cocktails and canapes before the reception, or if you wanted to open the doors for some more space during your reception.

All up, if you wanted a convenient spot for a wedding in the Gold Coast Hinterland, I would recommend checking out Austinvilla Estate to see if it's for you.


Jamie and Jeffrey spent a lot of their relationship apart. Jeffrey lived and worked in Singapore, whilst Jamie came to Brisbane to study. After doing long-distance for a bit, the plan was to get married in 2020 and for Jeffrey to move over. But of course, the borders were shut, and plans were put off. After two years of waiting, Jeffrey was finally able to fly on down to Australia, and the two tied the knot officially in a private ceremony earlier in the year.

But that didn't stop them from celebrating, and so they chose to still go on with wedding celebrations at Austinville Estate. Jamie and Jeffrey chose an old family friend to officiate the ceremony before sharing a few emotional vows and reaffirming their marriage. We followed that up with some ice-cream and refreshments, before they went into a traditional tea ceremony with their families.

We didn't have to go very far for photos, with Austinvilla Estate having plenty of green spaces, trees, and the right amount of shade to get those nice portraits with golden light. And as the sun sets, there's a tall hill where you can get some perfectly positioned silhouettes.

Their reception was packed full of fun, with a trivia battle against the bridal parties, heartfelt speeches, a special dance performed from the girls, and back-to-back-to-back yam sengs (if you don't know what yam seng is, it's a Chinese/Cantonese/Malaysian tradition to raise your glass, and scream "yam seng" for as long as you can. It's amazing.)

We ended the night with some funky live tunes from the Red Tie Band, with some of Jamie's friends even singing a few songs! I spent the night switching between photographing the dance floor and jumping in to join everyone - after years of planning and a whole day together, it was like celebrating another wedding with friends.