A groom lifts and spins his wife on a grassy hill during sunset
A bride has her wedding dress pulled outwards by wedding guests
Brisbane wedding photographer's photo of bride and groom popping champagne on a rocky cliff
A silhouette of a bride in her wedding dress spinning her veil in an arc
A bride and bridesmaids walk down a Brisbane street
Groom cries as he watches his bride enter the wedding
Bride and groom spray a champagne bottle in New Farm Park
A silhouette of a couple dancing together in front of car headlights
A bride and groom pray back-to-back in a doorway before their wedding
A groom and bride laugh while walking llamas
A groom laughs during a wedding ceremony in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower
A groom breaks a pinata at a wedding and confetti flies everywhere
An Indian wedding custom of bride and groom putting their hands in a bowl of water
Silhouette of a bride and groom dancing together in front of a cloudy sky with orange blue and purple colours
A groom crawls on his knees with a banana in his hands and mouth during a wedding reception
A Vietnamese groom carries his bride in a red dress

It's about celebrating you and your love.


Portrait of Brisbane wedding photographer Eric Wang with brown shirt standing in bamboo forest



Joy & Andy

Hannah & Lewis


Kim & Jono

diy backyard wedding


Starry sky wedding photography

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