Serena & Philip

Serena and Philip are two completely different people. But they’ve got the same love for one another, and that’s what matters.

I’ve been friends with Serena for a few years now – she’s always been a fun, sociable person with quick wits and great banter. Philip’s more keen on having some time alone in a quiet coffee shop, getting lost in a good book. Together, they’re a quirky couple. And like I said, they have a deep love for each other. But they’ve got an even deeper love for putting others above themselves – and that makes them amazing.

Even the way they planned their wedding day showed how much they valued everyone else in their lives. They put aside time for pictures before the wedding at The Walrus Club – a gorgeous speakeasy with a great atmosphere and even greater cocktails. Usually people get these photos after the wedding ceremony, but Serena and Philip preferred to stick around and chat with their guests. They held their reception at Princess Theatre, mingling with everyone else, sitting down only to eat and listen to speeches.

And of course, the only way to end a great day is on the dance floor with old-school beats.