Leslie & Louise

Leslie and Louise made me laugh like no other couple has. They also made me tear up like no other couple has.

Leslie’s mother had been sick for a few years before their wedding, and he had been looking after and caring for her. Tragically, a few months before the wedding, she passed away.

Leslie and Louise are two people constantly having a laugh and joking around. They’re full of joy and positivity, and aren’t afraid to take life a little less seriously sometimes. During the bride and groom portrait session, I almost ripped my pants in half from climbing a short tree – Leslie and Louise thought it was hilarious and didn’t bat an eye (fortunately I had a change of pants in the car, unfortunately they were basketball shorts).

But at some parts of the day, it was solemn, and there was an important person missing. Like after the tea ceremony, when the wedding jewellery got passed down to Louise. Or when it came to speeches, and the unfillable hole in the family’s hearts was acknowledged.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.